Ekaterina Tsvetkova

Ekaterina Tsvetkova
dancer, choreographer, artistic director of the flamenco theatre & school “Aire” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

She started her studies of dance at the age of five with classical ballet. Ekaterina has a degree of choreographer and leader of a dance company (College of Culture and Art, St. Petersburg, Russia).

From 2001 she has devoted her professional career to flamenco dance and regularly studied in Spain with such teachers as Juan Polvillo, Manuela Rios, Pilar Ortega, Araceli de Alcala, Antonio el Pipa, Pastora Galvan, La Lupi, La Choni, Mercedes Ruiz, Manuel Betanzos, Merche Esmeralda, La Truco, Pepa Molina, Fuensanta La Moneta, Ursula Lopez, Rafael Estevez among others. Since 2014 Ekaterina studies extensively with Javier Latorre.

Ekaterina Tsvetkova is the artistic director of Aire Flamenco Theatre (founded in St Petersburg, 2003). Among Ekaterina’s projects there are many unique dance shows featuring professional artists from Russia, Spain and Japan: “Flamenco de mi alma” (2006), solo concert in the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum (2006), “Nature of Flamenco” (2007), “Liberflamenco” (2008), “Tarot Flamenco” (2009), “Reflections” (2010), “Trip to the World of Sound” (Fukuoka, Japan, 2010), “Transformation” (2011), “Diaries” (2012), “Subida” (2013); co-productions with the spanish dancer Juan Polvillo (Sevilla): “Conexion” premieres in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd (2007); “Maestro de Flamenco” (2008); “Corazon Flamenco” (2011); “Memoire” (2013, 2014), “Crescendo” (Gatchina, St.Petersburg, Moscow 2016-2018).

Her career of dancer and choreographer intertwined with teaching by giving workshops in Russia, Belarus, Japan, China not to mention in “Aire”, her own school in Saint Petersburg.

Currently Ekaterina is actively cooperating with Javier Latorre – one of the best flamenco choreographers of our time (National Dance Award for Creation, 2011). In 2015 and 2016 Ekaterina participated in the choreographic workshops of the legendary Maestro in Jerez Flamenco Festival and Flamenco Biennial Festival in Seville (Spain). In November 2016 in the Gatchina Palace (Russia) was the premiere of the performance “Crescendo” with the participation of this outstanding choreographer and dancer. In February 2018 she took part in the performance “Vamo’ Alla” of the first international flamenco dance company “Flamenconautas” leaded by Maestro Latorre in one of the most important flamenco festivals in the world: XXII Festival de Jerez.

José Luis García Bravo, known as “Cheito”, began his artistic career in his native Huelva at the age of 7 with the group “Los Activos”, which began as a project called “Flamenco compass workshop Los Activos” in 1987 , by the painter Joaquín Martín Jiménez.
This training became one of the most international groups of mestizo and fusion flamenco in Spain. With her he toured several countries sharing the stage with artists, such as Enrique Morente, La Martirio, Kiko Veneno, and Javier Barón, among others.
After this stage, he has toured with Chano Domínguez, with guitarist Manolo Franco, with the company Carmen Larumbre, with that of Cristina Hoyos in the show “Tierra Adentro”, and with the flamenco company of Antonio Andrade in “Go with God” and “My Carmen Flamenca”. Since 2016, he belonged to the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia and participated in the shows: “Aquel Silverio”, “Flamenco, Tradition, Vanguardia”.