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Crisan Razvan “Sãtã”

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Crisan Razvan “Sãtã”
Leader, Trainer, Dancer & Choreographer – Defeat Organization
Defeat Organization, Arad, 2004:
-Defeat Gravity Crew (Break Dance & Street Dance)
-Defeat Gravity Team (Free running & Parkour)
-Defeat Sound (Hip Hop, Rap & Pop)
-Defeat Production (Studio, Video & Photography)

Trainer Free running & Parkour (7 years’ experience)
Trainer Break Dance & Street Dance (3 years’ experience)
Practitioner Free running & Parkour for 10 years (2005), mixed technique according to learner
Unfolding the event: Warm up and team games
Technicolor attenuate presentation
Basic flip & vault presentation
Create trick/combo
Applying flow
Freestyle Session
Workshop Free running & Parkour
Parkour:-Basic Vault
– Attenuation
Free running: -Basic Flip
Organized events
County Jam Arad 2012 & 2013

David Daboczi

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Dávid Dabóczi


He is in the first place a dancer, his last years activities being predominantly linked to dance. As former student at UAT in Targu-Mures, Choreography Section, he had the opportunity to work with well-known choreographers and directors, with Gigi Căciuleanu in Carmina Burana, András Lóránt, Bata Rita, Junya Ishii, Kocsis Andrea and Lukács Ádám, Bodor Johanna, Coertes Sebastian, Babarczy László in Rokonok, Bordás Attila, Bezsán Noémi in Femme  Eryk Makohon, Eva Lackova, Mirka Eliasova, Kun Attila, Györfi Csaba in Fade-Out. Besides several collaborations with Targu-Mures National Theater, he performed for András Lóránt Dance Company of which he became a member from this year. His experience is the sum of different styles, which is an advantage for the complexity of his dance, starting from classical ballet, modern and contemporary to contact improvisation, butoh japanese technique, and generally, contemporary dance.


During his work with dancers and dance enthusiasts, he considers as a very important thing that dancers should be relaxed, but concentrated in the same time, for the process to be both pleasant and productive. In his workshops, he will mix different styles of contemporary dance and through their technique and ideology, he will build choreographic material and choreographie. His workflow will include elements of instinctual reactions and creativity developed toward dance, using nothing else but the surroundings, things sensorially perceived and the civil movement of an ordinary human being implied in the direction of contemporary dance and contact improvisation. We will explore and discover in movement every part of our body through elements of body awareness, we will be led to overcome our limits in a diverting and entertaining way, in a natural way, adapted for each dancer’s body. We will pay attention to one of our most important unconscious body function, the breathing, as the main element in the creation of movement quality. The main goal is to experiment with sources of inspiration, to create the connection between partners, and to prove that any kind of movement that surrounds us is the basic form of dance. The human body wasn’t conceived to occupy space on earth, but for creating by its means a common language of artistic expression. Let’s discover movement and dance together, offering freedom of expression to our body and soul!


Attila Bordás

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Is an independent artist well known as a choreographer, performer, contemporary dance trainer and theatre director. He believes in the variety and combination of stage arts, creating and directing theatre, dance theatre and physical theatre, sometimes performing in the works himself. He collaborates with different prestigious state theatres around the country and abroad. At a very young age, he began teaching dance and theatre, working mostly in Romania, but also teaching classes and workshops in Hungary as well in Greece. More recently, he has contributed to musicals, operas and open-air performances also, and was invited as a choreographer/ teacher at the University of Arts (U.A.T.) in Targu Mures and University of Theatre and Television Cluj-Napoca (U.B.B) for different artistic projects. Attila Bordas’s style is both experimental and authentic. He has dedicated himself to a life of constant exploration of those universal tools that are attached to any form of stage art.


As a contemporary dance instructor and professor, he had several workshops, flashmobs, seminars in Romania, Hungary and Greece. He is one of the most sought-after contemporary dance instructors in Romania. He fusions with a large scale of dancers with different dance training levels from beginners to intermediates, professionals and actors also. He was invited with his workshops to different festivals, summer schools, dance camps, cultural institutes, art universities, professional dance clubs, theatre & dance companies.

In 2015 he launched the “Contemporary Dance Series from Bucharest to Budapest”project, including 7 cities between Bucharest and Budapest, over 200 participants. He had several flashmobs in different cities in Romania: RAP/ Artistic Residence Cultural Program (CNDB in partnership with Paintbrush Factory / Cluj),  Floria Capsali Ballet School students for FESTCO/ Comedy Theatre Festival of Romania. From 2016 he is making part of the Thessaloniki Dance Festival & Competition (Greece) as an international judge and trainer.


As a choreographer , he has collaborated with well-known directors and personalities like Silviu Purcărete, Carolyn Carlson, Péter Novák, Miklós Bács, Vlad Masacci, Cristi Juncu, Theodor-Cristian Popescu, Dragoș Galgoțiu, Sorin Militaru, Ștefan Iordanescu, Misi Fazakas and himself many others.


As a performer, he has worked with Ferenc Novák, Péter Novák, Miklós Bács, Gigi Căciuleanu, Tony Gatlif, David Zinder, Vava Ștefănescu, Arcadie Rusu, Sergiu Anghel, Árpád Könczei, Călin Orza, Ivacson László – to name just a few. His dance career began in Sfantu Gheorghe, in the Dance Department of the Plugor Sándor Art High School, when he was in the fifth grade. First he focused on Hungarian folk dance ballet and drama. After that, he switched mostly on contemporary dance and physical theatre.


As a theatre director, besides dance school, he was a leading member of the Osonó Theatre (2002-2009), an independent theatre company  in his hometown, where he mostly developed his theatrical, pedagogical, improvisational and stagecraft skills. He worked on successful theatre performances of the Company (as the directors assistant, trainer, choreographer, actor, organizer), like Wandering Stories (Premiere: 2007 / 360 representations in all over the world), Carneval and Jolika. He distributed to many National & International Intensive Osono Theatre Training Camps (as a Trainer/ Teacher/ Choreographer /Theatre Director/ Organizer). After his studies at the National University of Theatre & Film in Bucharest he goes on with a Master Degree Theatre Directing Class Schoolarship / Targu Mures / University of Arts, where he had a life-defining professional meeting with legendary Theatre Director/ Univ. Professor László Babarczy (founder of Theatre department of Kaposvar University/ Hungary), and began to set himself to find contexts to create performances based on texts, in different Independent and State Theatres. He directed his first theatre piece in 2010 / Slawomir Mrozek / The Party. After this he was invited to make theatre performances on different stages in Romania. In 2014 he was one of the four directors chosen from 58 competitors to win a two years scholarship offered by The National Theatre Of Budapest. After many works with high-caliber theatre directors from Romania and Hungary, Attila Bordás dared to absorb more knowledge and more useful strategies of theatre making. Collecting some really great tools and skills over the years, he began to include these in a functional way in his own artistic works. In his process he insists with desperate passion to reach the highest levels of theatre directing.