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Timisoara International Dance Festival (TIDF)

Now at its 7th edition, TIDF is the largest dance festival in Romania by the number of dances approached, the attractiveness, multitude and diversity of activities organized within it, by the large number and multiculturalism of the beneficiaries expected within it and by its overall dimension.


We are looking for positive and eager dance enthusiasts who would like to be a part of the awesome organizing team of the awesome Timisoara International Dance Festival fever this year.

Do you love dance? Are you from Timisoara? If you want to be part of our team, let us know!



TIDF would not be possible without the support and contribution of our sponsoring partners. Many thanks to all of them!

You can also contribute to this year’s Timisoara International Dance Festival.


By creating Timisoara International Dance Festival, Magnum Team has put Timisoara on the international cultural map of world dance, the event being directed to a very large pavilion outside the country.

As part of Magnum Team, the main organizers of this festival are: Magnum VRD Sports Dance Club, TangoVIVO Timisoara, Swinging Steps Timisoara and Silvi FDK.


Through our collaborators and partner schools in the country and abroad, we will have the ability to turn Timisoara into the city of international dance for 5 days, and for a long time in the memory of the participants.


Magnum Team is one of the biggest and most successful dance schools in Timisoara and in Romania.
We are focused on promoting and spreading the beauty and usefulness of dance as art, sport, and way of expressing emotions. For us, dance is the most beautiful art form, the most enjoyable sport and the most accessible form of expression of feelings for each living and moving person.

Our main purpose is to support and encourage access to dance for a wide range of beneficiaries of all ages and levels of dance training: beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Our main objectives are to increase the number of people who learn to dance, from Timisoara, to inform on the benefits and the activity of dance, to increase the number of quality dance teachers in Timisoara and to create high-level champions in sports dancing.